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Is Zevia the Best Sugar-Free Soda On the Market?



Published on: November 23rd, 2019

Funny enough, I first heard about Zevia while listening to one of Joe Rogan’s podcasts.

“Hey do you want a Zevia?” is what Joe Rogan asked the guest on his show.

“Yeah sure,” the man responded.

And I assume that’s how millions of people discovered Zevia for the very first time, just like myself.

After drinking at least 50+ cans of Zevia ever since that particular Joe Rogan podcast episode, I’m in a pretty good position to help you determine if Zevia is the best sugar-free soda on the market today (or not).

Here. We. Go…

First of all, is Zevia even good for you?

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I’m going to be totally blunt with you for a second…

By drinking Zevia, you are instantly avoiding aspartame, sucralose, and all the other artificial sweeteners that are commonly found in diet sodas.

This is perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind here.

Artificial sweeteners are questionable at best, and potentially downright terrible for your health as a worst case scenario.

Luckily for us, Zevia is sweetened with stevia extract rather than any sort of artificial sweetener ~ which is how you know we’re already off to a good start with Zevia.

When you compare Zevia to all the other sugary sodas out there, it’s pretty safe to say that Zevia is just about as good as it gets.

What about drinking Zevia as an alternative to soda?

Now we’re getting pretty warm…

I do believe Zevia is one of the best alternatives to soda that we currently have available right now.

Of course, it’s still possible that kombucha is a better alternative to soda than Zevia.

Or maybe even good old fashioned plain water.

But not everyone likes the unique flavor of kombucha, or the boring taste of water.

As far as actual sodas go ~ Zevia is the absolute best option in my opinion.

Where to find Zevia

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I personally like to pick up Zevia from Sprouts or Whole Foods.

But you can also use Zevia’s store locator tool to find Zevia near you.

If you demand convenience above all else, you can also find Zevia on Amazon.

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I like the Zevia Rainbow Variety Pack because it’s an easy option for trying all of Zevia’s many different flavors, and discovering your favorite.

(Hint: My favorite Zevia flavor is Grapefruit Citrus or Grape).


Overall, it’s hard to go wrong with Zevia.

The company is committed to providing people with a healthier soda that doesn’t contain artificial ingredients.

As an alternative to Diet Coke, Gatorade, and the many other problematic beverages out there…Zevia is pretty darn good.

I highly-recommend giving Zevia a try because you won’t be disappointed!



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