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The Winner Effect Is Your Ticket To Supernatural Success In Life



The Winner Effect Featured Image Mystic Future

Last updated: November 22nd, 2019

Success is a competitive advantage because experiencing success in life keeps you in a positive feedback loop of continued success, optimism, (intelligent) risk-taking behavior and fearlessness.

This feedback loop of success is known as “the winner effect.”

Yes, the winner effect is a legitimate biochemical phenomenon that was briefly discussed in Mystic Future’s article on learning how to visualize and manifest your dream lifestyle.

However, this article explores the winner effect in-depth, so that you can gain a solid understanding of just how important winning is for your health and spiritual wellness.

America has a culture that idolizes success and breeds winning

The Winner Effect American Winning Mystic Future
One of my favorite living arrangements of all time

American culture is unlike any other, because American culture is all about winning.

I realized this early on, because I’ve been a competitive athlete for most of my life.

For example, in my American middle school, I was pumping iron and dominating cross-country competitions at 15 years old.

However, it wasn’t until I watched the documentary Bigger Faster Stronger that I understood the extent to which winning is embedded in American culture.

The act of winning is often portrayed in a negative light, because people assume that in order for there to be a winner, there has to be a loser too.

But this simply isn’t true.

In regards to spiritual wellness – winning is a byproduct of mastering yourself, adding value to another person’s life, serving other people and advancing humanity in general.

99% of the time, winning depends on creating win-win deals with other human beings on this planet.

Unless you happen to be a professional boxer or drug dealer, other people do not have to lose in order for you to win.

In today’s day and age, winning is mutually beneficial.

Win-win arrangements are still a relatively new concept in society

The ability to create win-win arrangements is a relatively new concept in modern society.

So I understand why people are skeptical.

Because for thousands of years, humans have waged war on one another, cheated each other, and tricked each other in trade and commerce.

Gladiator behavior is embedded in the human DNA.

And war is purely win-lose.

But thanks to rapid advancements in technology, people have access to an abundance of information today.

No one gets away with win-lose deals for very long in this day and age.

People are awakening.

Win-win is the only path forward.

You have to channel your inner gladiator energy into a win-win pursuit if you hope to live the greatest life possible.

Winning is healthy for your mind, energy and spirit

Let’s get into the specifics of the winner effect, and the reasons why the winner effect is so powerful for your mind, energy and spirit.

First of all, researchers have long known that when a wild animal wins one fight, that same animal increases its odds of winning future fights.

A team from Zhejiang University found that your dorsomedial prefrontal cortex (dmPFC) is at the source of the winner effect. Your dmPFC helps activate your “persistence,” which is a character trait that anyone can develop once they start winning.

John Croates, a Wall Street trader and neuroscientist, wrote an entire book about this phenomenon after becoming intrigued by how cocky and irrationally risk-seeking his fellow Wall Street traders became after hitting a winning streak.

Croates found ample evidence to back his gut instinct, as he discovered that professional tennis players who won the first set had a 60% chance of winning the second set, thereby winning the entire tennis match.

To put it simply, one win often leads to the next win.

Unfortunately, the flip side of this equation is downright dangerous when not carefully managed.

One loss often leads to the next loss.

As you can probably imagine, if you aren’t yet in a cycle of winning, you have to break into an upward spiral of success as fast as humanly possible.

The trick is to start winning as fast as humanly possible

The Winner Effect Start Winning Mystic Future
Exercise is a prerequisite for winning

It doesn’t quite matter how you do it.

But if you aren’t doing so already, you have a personal responsibility to start winning as fast as humanly possible.

Urgency is a must here, because you don’t have a whole lot of time to work with.

Small winning behaviors make a massive difference in your life, because these small winning behaviors often lead to larger winning behaviors etc.

The basics are obvious:

  • Exercise
  • Meditate
  • Associate with high-quality people and communities
  • Practice healthy eating habits
  • Start your own spiritual business
  • Cut out distractions and toxic inputs from your life

These little “winning behaviors” are powerful because one small win leads to the next win, and so on.

But you have to start winning today.

Time is of the essence.

Winning enables you to help yourself and other people at the highest levels possible

I emphasize winning so much because people are capable of accomplishing amazing things, and if you aren’t living up to your greatest potential, you are missing out on the most exciting joy of life.

Because once you start winning, you help yourself, and you become a stronger person who is capable of lifting other people up as well.

Of course, you have to prioritize helping yourself before you’re in an ideal position to help other people.

But the point is that winning always helps you and other people around you.

Winners think in terms of abundance, create more value for society, lift other people up, and help to change the world (no matter how big or small your role).

Winning sends you on a path towards self-actualization, and enables you to embark on the powerful journey of human transformation.

To put it simply, once you start winning in life, you are acting in the most generous and mutually-beneficial manner possible.

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