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Is Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly The Real Deal? (Our Examination)



Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly Review Examination Mystic Future Featured Image UPDATED

Published on: March 21st, 2019
Updated on: December 16th, 2020

If you couldn’t tell by now, we’re kind of obsessed with fresh royal jelly.

This is because fresh royal jelly is one of nature’s best kept secrets.

But with so many different royal jelly companies out there, it’s hard to tell which royal jelly company you should order from.

That’s where we come in.

Mystic Future isn’t afraid to do a full “examination” (AKA genuine review article) where we break down the individual pros and cons of a health supplement like Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly.

So here you go.

Welcome to our genuine review of Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly…

What is Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly?

Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly is a high-quality and reputable source of fresh royal jelly.

You can trust Stakich is reputable because they’ve been in the honeybee business for many, many years.

Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly Review Examination Mystic Future

Any company website that has a real-life black & white photograph of the original business founder is legit in my eyes.

All jokes aside, Stakich has plenty of positive customer reviews, social media activity, and an active customer support team.

These are all rudimentary signs that a dietary supplement company is legitimate.

But I actually had the opportunity to try Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly for myself.

Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly Review Examination Mystic Future Stakich Purchased

So this is why I’m personally able to vouch for the quality of this fresh royal jelly product.

Is Stakich’s Fresh Royal Jelly any good?


Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly Review Examination Mystic Future One Quarter Teaspoon

Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly is good. It gave me the exact results I desired:

  • Energy
  • Power
  • Strength
  • Immunity boost

And what’s really nice is you just need a tiny 1/4 teaspoon dose to experience the benefits of fresh royal jelly.

The benefits of fresh royal jelly are nearly limitless, as explained in Mystic Future’s article about the superfood health benefits of consuming fresh royal jelly.

Mystic Future has also published yet another article on royal jelly, where we explored the benefits of taking Amazing Royal Jelly.

To put it simply, Mystic Future knows royal jelly, because we’ve tried so many different brands of royal jelly ourselves.

So it’s safe to say Stakich is a quality source of fresh royal jelly.

Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly Review What Is It Mystic Future

If you’re a woman, fresh royal jelly can potentially help with fertility, hormonal balance, menopausal symptoms, skin health and various other female issues.

If you’re a man, you’ll likely feel energized and “awakened” after supplementing with fresh royal jelly.

You may even feel a little boost in libido if you’re lucky…

To put it simply, you can’t really go wrong with trying Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly.

A few other things you need to know about Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly

When you order fresh royal jelly over the internet, it’s best to order two-day shipping just to be safe.

This is because fresh royal jelly is perishable. You don’t want to leave fresh royal jelly out in the heat for an extended period of time.

You have to keep it refrigerated or frozen at all times.

Which is why you’ll receive your bottle of Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly in a nice climate-controlled box.

Your container of fresh royal jelly will come with ice packs or similar technology to keep your fresh royal jelly ice cold at best, or mildly warm at worst.

Please note: There is absolutely nothing wrong with your fresh royal jelly if it arrives in a lukewarm state. There’s a decent possibility your fresh royal jelly will arrive warmish. This is totally normal. Your fresh royal jelly will not go bad from sitting out in the heat for just a little while. Just make sure to put your fresh royal jelly in the fridge or freezer as soon as possible.

I prefer to keep my fresh royal jelly in the fridge, because I go through bottles so quickly. I have a feeling you’re going to feel the same exact way about this dietary ingredient.

Where to find Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly

I buy Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly from because Prime two-day shipping is so convenient for me.

But you can also check out the website if you’d prefer to order directly from Stakich.


Overall, we’ve exhausted the fresh royal jelly topic here at Mystic Future.

So this might be one of the last remaining fresh royal jelly articles you’ll ever see on here.

(Never say never though.)

When you stack all the different fresh royal jelly companies up against one another, Stakich reigns as one of the top tier brands in the entire honeybee product space.

You can trust Stakich, and order their fresh royal jelly products with complete peace of mind.


Stakich on Amazon

Stakich (Homepage)

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