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How To Unlock Spiritual Health & Wellness Forever



Unlock Spiritual Health Wellness Forever Featured Mystic Future

Updated on: November 23rd, 2019

When I was crafting my vision for Mystic Future, I considered a few options.

I started Mystic Future with astrology and numerology in mind.

But I soon realized these two subjects are limited to a somewhat niche audience.

(I still find astrology and numerology absolutely fascinating, and I will cover these topics in the near future.)

After some deliberation, I finally pinpointed my vision for Mystic Future.

Spiritual health and wellness.


Because just about anyone in the world can benefit from optimizing their spiritual health and well-being.

Unlock Spiritual Health And Wellness Dance To House Music Mystic Future

But, what is spiritual health and wellness exactly?

And most importantly, how do you maximize your spiritual health and wellness in order to live the absolute greatest life possible?

Well, this article reveals the answer to those questions.

Let’s dive in…

What is spiritual health and wellness?

Unlock Spiritual Health And Wellness Mystic Future Fresh Finnish Park
A luscious green park in Finland that provides people with amazingly pure oxygen

Spiritual health and wellness is a state of being.

When you are spiritually healthy, you feel as if you’re operating at a higher level of consciousness than most people.

You’ll be attracted to other people who radiate strong energy like yourself.

You will start eating more raw vegetables and fruits, associating with high-quality motivated people, and living an epic life in general.

When you’re spiritually in tune, you’ll also find yourself exercising more, serving other people, and pursuing a mission or life purpose that’s larger than yourself.

Basically, people who are in good spiritual health aim to live the best life possible, because we know that our time on this planet is limited.

I’ve been through times in my life where I was in a very bad place spiritually.

But somehow, I’ve always managed to bounce back stronger than ever before.

So it’s common for people to go through different stages of spiritual health and wellness.

Continuous self-improvement (AKA “self-mastery”) and servicing other like-minded people is the goal here.

As long as you’re making drastic positive improvements to your life, servicing other people, and pursuing a greater vision or life purpose – you are on a powerful spiritual journey.

What to do if you’re in a bad place spiritually

Unlock Spiritual Health And Wellness Remove Bad Friction Mystic Future
Start winning at something as simple as exercise, and your positive changes will influence all other areas of your life

If you aren’t in a great place spiritually at this very moment, you’ll need to pay special attention to Mystic Future’s article on leveraging the winner effect to your advantage.

As a quick summary, “the winner effect” is a biochemical phenomenon that launches your life into an upward spiral of success and happiness very, very quickly.

The key is to start winning at something, anything, and you will then feel biologically compelled to continue that pattern of winning into other areas of your life.

The winner effect is the underlying reason why smart people will tell you to “move forward” or “take positive action” during times of extreme stress or difficulty.

Newton’s first law: An object at rest remains at rest, or if in motion, remains in motion at a constant velocity unless acted on by a net external force.

Note the repeated use of the verb remains. We can think of this law as preserving the status quo of motion. Newton’s first law of motion states that there must be a cause—which is a net external force—for there to be any change in velocity, either a change in magnitude or direction. An object sliding across a table or floor slows down due to the net force of friction acting on the object. But on an air hockey table, where air keeps the puck from touching the table, the air hockey puck continues moving with a roughly constant velocity until a force acts on it—like when it bumps into the side of the table.”

~ Khan Academy

Newton’s first law of motion is important to understand because it applies 100% to the human experience.

Newton’s first law means you will maintain your current speed and direction (velocity) unless you’re acted upon by an unbalanced force.

What is an unbalanced force?


If your life isn’t going well at the moment, you’re dealing with severe bad friction.

You have to become aware of the differences between good friction and bad friction.

As a human being, you were born to move your body, live healthy and be free.

You entered this planet with speed and direction (velocity). 

You were nearly frictionless and destined for greatness.

But then “modern society” added plenty of bad friction to your life.

Processed foods, ruthlessly negative “news,” a poor public education system, etc.

If you’re in a bad place spiritually, you’re dealing with several unbalanced forces (friction) which are preventing you from living your best life possible.

It’s time for you to eliminate or drastically reduce bad friction from your life, and welcome good friction into your life.

Bad friction slows you down.

Good friction makes you anti-fragile and resilient.

Eliminating or reducing bad friction from your life, and welcoming good friction into your life enables you to live the greatest life imaginable.

How to leave a negative spiritual state and maximize your spiritual health and well-being

So how do you leave a negative spiritual state, and put your problems to rest for good?

Well, Mystic Future is obsessed with this mission.

We are very good at helping you achieve supernatural success in life.

As discussed before, start with the winner effect.

Read the winner effect article on Mystic Future if you haven’t done so already.

The winner effect is about shifting your momentum from a state of negativity (bad friction) to a place of winning and abundance (good friction).

Once you have the winner effect working in your favor, you become a nearly unstoppable “life force.”

You will be working with Newton’s first law of motion rather than against it.

Working with the natural laws of the universe will lead you to success, health, happiness, freedom, love and a whole lot more.

Specific actions you can take starting today to change your life for the best

After getting familiar with Newton’s first law of motion and the winner effect, you will have a fundamental understanding of how you can change your life for the best starting today.

However, if you need examples of specific actions you can take, here are your action steps.

Action #1. Address sources of bad friction in your life

Bad friction is stopping you from living your healthiest and most spirited life yet.

Bad friction is at the root cause of your pains.

So your first step is to address sources of bad friction in your life.

Take your emotions out of the equation. This is important.

You need to have a clear mind to address sources of bad friction in an objective way.

Once you’ve addressed your sources of bad friction, I recommend logging this in a journal.

Bad friction is a powerful motivator. So it’s 100% possible to use your bad friction to your advantage.

But overall, the key is to become aware of your bad friction.

Awareness is what’s most important.

Examples of bad friction include:

  • Processed foods
  • Toxic people
  • Negative “news”
  • Etc.

Bad friction slows you down, confuses you, and sabotages your growth and opportunities in life.

So let’s design a plan to address your bad friction and replace it with good friction.

Action #2. Create a plan to replace bad friction with good friction

Unlock Spiritual Health And Wellness Leave Negative Spiritual State Change Your Environment Mystic Future
Removing bad environmental friction (AKA moving) was one of the most important changes of my life

Here’s the fun part.

This is where you get to create a plan to remove bad friction from your life and set yourself free.

The goal is to remove bad friction from your life, so that you can focus on replacing bad friction with good friction.

This would be like replacing Cheetos with raw pomegranate seeds.

But overall, your “plan” will depend on the unique circumstances you’re dealing with in life.

For example, if you’re living in a shoddy neighborhood that’s negatively influencing your mood and emotions every day (bad friction), you’ll need to prepare a plan to change your environment, and essentially pick up and move (good friction). Find somewhere beautiful that’s worth waking up to every day.

If your life lacks purpose or meaning (bad friction), you’ll want to learn how to visualize (good friction), so that you can create a powerful life vision you can move towards. Waking up in pursuit of a life purpose or greater vision will give you something to live for. Having real purpose in life solves a surprising amount of bad friction that you’re likely dealing with.

After addressing your most painful sources of bad friction in life, and designing an actionable plan to replace your bad friction with good friction, you’ll be ready to execute your plan.

Action #3. Execute your plan

The law of action is the universal law that’s most disregarded because it requires you to perform at a relatively high level, channel your energy towards a higher calling, and work towards something greater than yourself.

You will have to work hard if you want to live an incredible life.

This should be obvious.

But for whatever reason, a lot of people simply do not take action to achieve optimal results for their life.

That’s the “bad” news.

But here’s the good news.

If you can thrust yourself into an upward spiral of success using the winner effect, Newton’s first law will help you maintain your current speed and direction (velocity).

Remember. An object in motion stays in motion unless it’s acted upon by an unbalanced force (friction).

  • Remove bad friction from your life
  • Start moving towards a powerful vision for your life
  • Stay in motion

This is how you become infinitely spiritually healthy, powerful and successful.

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