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Is Ripple Half & Half A Delicious Dairy-Free Creamer?



Ripple Half And Half Original Review Mystic Future Featured Image

Last updated on: November 22nd, 2019

As a loyal fan of the plant-based lifestyle, I’m committed to cutting dairy out of my diet forever.

But, I have to be honest here on Mystic Future…

It’s been challenging to pinpoint dairy alternatives that actually taste like creamy whole milk.

Luckily, I’ve found an incredible dairy-free creamer that genuinely tastes amazing in my coffee.

Ripple Plant-Based Half & Half.

This stuff is pretty freaking good.

I’m writing this article today to give you a quick review-style breakdown of my findings regarding Ripple Plant-Based Half & Half.

Let’s dive in.

What does Ripple Half & Half actually taste like? (the “2nd priority” on people’s minds)

If you’re vegan or vegetarian, your 1st priority is obviously making sure that you’re consuming 100% animal-free food products.

But, I’m willing to bet your 2nd priority involves making sure that whatever you’re consuming actually tastes good.

Ripple Half And Half Original Review Mystic Future

It’s tough to find delicious dairy-free products.

Luckily, Ripple’s got your 1st and 2nd priorities covered here.

Ripple Half & Half tastes like creamy goodness. Plain and simple. It’s very good stuff.

What is Ripple Half & Half actually made of? (the top secret ingredients)

Here’s where things get a little bit funny.

Because if you’re like most people, you would probably never guess what Ripple Half & Half is actually made of.

So let me just break the news to you.

Ripple Half & Half is made from ultra-clean pea sources.

Yes, you read that right.


Ripple Half And Half Original Review Mystic Future Bottle Description

But please don’t assume that Ripple actually tastes anything like peas. It does not.

Like I mentioned before, Ripple Half & Half truly tastes like creamy goodness.

But for some reason, this whole “sourced from peas” thing freaks some people out. Maybe this is because your mother tried forcing you to eat peas as a child, and this never sat well with you.

So please don’t even think about the peas in Ripple!

Just think about how this dairy-free half & half tastes like real cream.

I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Ripple Half And Half Original Review Mystic Future Bottle Description Non GMO New

The Mystic Future consensus on Ripple Half & Half…

Overall, Ripple Half & Half is a winning vegan beverage that has gained the approval of Mystic Future’s taste buds.

Ripple Half And Half Original Review Mystic Future Upward Angle

I’ve personally taste tested Ripple Half & Half in my coffee, tea and hot chocolate. And so far, Ripple has meshed well with every hot beverage it’s come into contact with.

Mystic Future gives Ripple Half & Half a big thumbs up.

Where to find some Ripple Half & Half for yourself

I picked up Ripple Half & Half at my local Kroger Fresh Fare.

But, Ripple Foods has a very handy Store Locator tool on their website that you can use to find Ripple products in a store near you (this particular URL is linked in the ‘Sources’ section below).

While I’ve only taste tested the Original flavor of Ripple Half & Half so far, you can bet I’ll try the Vanilla flavor next time.

Or maybe you can give the Vanilla flavor a try, and let me know your thoughts?

Please drop a comment in the comments section towards the bottom of this page, and let us know what’s on your mind regarding Ripple Half & Half.

We’re curious to hear your feedback on this delicious dairy-free pea milk product!


Ripple Store Locator

Ripple Facebook Page

Ripple Foods Half & Half Original

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