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Mighty Sesame Super Seed Bar Review ~ A Powerful Little Snack That Tastes Like Heaven…



Mighty Sesame Co Vanilla Tahini Bar Review Eating Snack Bar Mystic Future Featured Image 1200 x 628 New

Originally published on: November 11th, 2020
Last updated on: December 16th, 2020

Growing up in New Orleans, Louisiana – I would frequent a local Mediterranean restaurant called Byblos. This is a hit restaurant. The food is delicious. Want to know my favorite thing about Byblos? At the end of every meal, the waiter brings a handful of sesame seed bars to your table. No questions asked.

For years, I’ve occasionally thought about those little sesame seed bars drenched in honey.

But I haven’t been able to find anything remotely similar at my local grocery stores.

The good news is that I recently discovered something called a Super Seed Sesame Bar from Mighty Sesame Co.

Let’s just say these bars are much better than any other sesame seed bar I’ve tried.

This article is a brief overview of what you can expect from a vanilla-flavored TahiniBar from Mighty Sesame Co.

Mighty Sesame Vanilla TahiniBar Overview – The Best-Tasting Sesame Seed Snack Bar I’ve Discovered…

In simple terms, if you’re a fan of sesame seed bars, Mighty Sesame Co. has made a variety of sesame seed bars that taste like halva on steroids.

Mighty Sesame Co Tahini Bar Mystic Future

I really like these little snack bars because they’re extremely satisfying at just 100 calories per bar.

I’m not going to lie.

I still crave dessert after mealtime.

But I’ve been trying to cut back on sweets as of late.

Nearly everyone in America has gained a little bit of weight this winter.

Between political stress, viruses and gyms being shutdown across much of the country – a lot of people have resorted to increasing their sugar intake. Myself included.

While I love eating sweets, I’d much rather eat just a little bit of sugar at a time, and control the amount of sugar that I consume each day.

Mighty Sesame bars work perfectly for this.

Mighty Sesame Co Vanilla Tahini Bar Review With Box Overhead View Mystic Future

These bars are somewhat small, and that’s exactly what I love about them.

Nowadays, instead of eating a large dessert, I’ll crack open a vanilla sesame seed bar to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Mighty Sesame Co Vanilla Tahini Bar Review Eating Snack Bar Mystic Future

Combined with a healthy diet and exercise routine, I believe the snacks from Mighty Sesame Co. can help millions of Americans live a significantly healthier lifestyle.

Which is what we’re all about at Mystic Future.

In summary…

You can pick up a variety pack of Mighty Sesame Bars on Amazon. That’s probably the easiest way to get them.

This also gives you the opportunity to try the vanilla, pistachio and cocoa nibs flavored bars.

You can also find a pack of Mighty Sesame bars at your local grocery retailer.

Mighty Sesame bars aren’t always in stock at my local Walmart. I think they sell fast. So you might have to be pretty quick to find some.

Make sure to snag a few boxes while you still can.

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