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Is EMF Interfering With Your Nervous System? Here’s How I Used a Cheap EMF Tester To Stop WiFi Headaches (Meterk MK08 Review)



Is EMF Affecting Your Nervous System? METERK MK08 EMF Tester Review Featured Image 1200 x 628 With Filter

Originally published on: November 14th, 2020
Last updated on: December 17th, 2020

The average American spends roughly 90% of their life indoors. While indoors, there’s a possibility you’re being affected by unhealthy electromagnetic fields.

Human beings are electric, after all. We are quite literally electromagnetic beings.

This means your nervous system can potentially be negatively influenced by the WiFi-enabled devices in your environment.

Look, there’s no need to worry. I’m not here to freak you out or give you anxiety.

I personally love using the internet and internet-connected devices.

But if you spend a lot of time online, you will eventually need to consider how much “dirty” or unhealthy EMF you are exposed to.

That’s what an EMF tester is for.

An EMF tester, like the Meterk MK08, will give you valuable information about which devices in your household may be interfering with your body’s electromagnetic field in a way that isn’t totally healthy.

Item type:EMF Tester
Brand recommendation:Meterk MK08
Core BenefitDetect local sources of EMF
Meterk MK08 EMF Tester Review Stop Dirty EMF WiFi Headaches Mystic Future

With accurate information, you will be in a much better position to control the amount of unhealthy EMF you’re exposed to on a daily basis.

You can watch the video below for a quick overview of the Meterk MK08 EMF tester…

Here’s why I bought a cheap EMF tester (Meterk MK08 review)

As explained in the video above, I was getting seriously bad headaches because of a particular smartphone that I purchased.

As of today, I live in the United States. But I travel around quite a lot.

So I bought a Xiaomi Redmi 8 smartphone, because it’s a good quality phone that’s commonly used across Asia, Europe and elsewhere.

But I ran into a big problem while using this phone in the United States.

My Redmi 8 smartphone was giving me enormous migraines. Which basically never happens to me. I almost never get headaches. This is how I knew something was wrong.

After doing some research, I realized that Xiaomi smartphones don’t always work very well in the United States because of a frequency mismatch.

But I wanted to dig even deeper into my investigation.

I wanted to know all of the sources of EMF in my household.

Which is why I purchased the Meterk MK08 EMF tester.

The Meterk MK08 EMF tester is incredibly cheap and useful.

It’s one of my all-time favorite electronics that I’ve purchased, because it provides immediate health benefits.

I soon discovered that my WiFi router, laptop, iPhone, Redmi 8, and other WiFi-enabled devices were all emitting varying levels of EMF.

This was concerning to say the least.

But it wasn’t the end of the world.

This was more like a new beginning.

Finally, I figured out exactly what had been causing my headaches, and I could begin the healing process.

What to do if you think EMF may be causing you health issues


The first thing to note is that some people are highly sensitive to EMF, while other people aren’t very sensitive to EMF at all.

Based on my research, it seems like women are far more likely to be hypersensitive to EMF compared to men.

This is important to note because one person in your household could be effected by EMF, while another person feels perfectly fine.

This is why picking up a cheap EMF tester is the best solution here.

An EMF tester will tell you exactly where EMF is coming from, and how much EMF is being emitted.

For the vast majority of people, you just need to know which devices are emitting high levels of EMF.

For example, in my case, my WiFi router was emitting the highest levels of EMF in my home.

Once I realized this was the case, I took measures to solve the problem.

I configured my router to automatically shut down from 12AM to 5AM each day. This might not sound like much.

But that’s a 5 hour window of EMF-free time every single day.

Over a week, that’s 35 hours of no EMF exposure.

Over a year, that’s 1820 hours of no EMF exposure.

Over an entire decade, that’s a total of 18,200 hours less EMF.

Today, I also make it a point to keep my smartphone and laptop on airplane mode as often as possible.

When my electronic devices aren’t in use, they’re either powered off completely, or disconnected from WiFi.

Today I also use ethernet rather than WiFi as often as possible.

Setting up a home-wide ethernet system is quite the challenge. This is because nearly every modern electronic device is designed for wireless use.

Wireless is extremely convenient. Of course, I still use wireless devices on occasion. Like my iPhone.

But I try my best to stick with hardwired devices as often as possible.

Focus on what you can control

Most people who claim to be freaking out about 5G towers aren’t even taking simple steps to control the amount of potentially unhealthy EMF in their own home.

They’re focused on the big 5G towers that are totally out of their control.

Meanwhile, they’re most likely running 5 different WiFi devices in their home 24/7 and bathing in bad EMF.

Focus on what you can control, and you will be a significantly happier and healthier person.

I’m not saying the 5G towers are perfect.

If I had to guess, I would imagine the 5G towers are going to be problematic for humanity in the long-term.

In any case, I try to focus on what I can immediately control.

Get a cheap EMF tester like the Meterk MK08.

Get a shielded ethernet cable for your laptop.

I use Monoprice shielded ethernet cables.

Keep your electronic devices on airplane mode as often as possible.

And above all else, focus on what you can control. Live your life to the very best of your ability.

At the very least, this will keep you somewhat sane in the crazy world we live in.

Closing remarks

It’s important to note there are some extremely high-end EMF meters available.

Like the Trifield TF2.

I’ve heard great things about Trifield EMF meters. But, they’re pricey.

Spending $150 to $200 on an EMF meter is probably overkill for the vast majority of people who are just looking for a simple way to figure out where potentially unhealthy sources of EMF are coming from.

If you’re dead-set on finding all sources of EMF in the vicinity of your home or workplace, you might benefit from a superior EMF tester like the Trifield TF2.

But, if you’re just looking for a simple and affordable EMF meter that works consistently, you can’t go wrong with the EMF testers that Meterk has to offer.


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