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The Law Of Compensation – Your Skeleton Key To Unlocking Extreme Financial Abundance



The Law Of Compensation Featured Image Mystic Future

Last updated: November 22nd, 2019

I’m a loyal fan of the Laws of the Universe because of how well the Universal Laws have guided me to success in my own life.

I live where I want, work for myself, and only work on projects I love.

My life is amazing because I work in accordance with the Laws of the Universe.

It’s refreshing to understand just how accurate and empowering the Universal Laws are.

The Universal Laws are like a playbook for living the absolute best life imaginable.

While the Universal Laws are all interconnected and most beneficial when used in combination with one another, this article focuses on the Law of Compensation, which is the #1 law to consider if financial abundance is one of your priorities in life.

How do I define “financial abundance?”

Wealth. Money. Currency. Freedom.

Dollar bills are the form of compensation you must acquire if you plan to survive and thrive on this planet.

Luckily, when you contribute value to society, and you fully understand your worth (AKA you charge dollar bills for your products or services) – you will be compensated with dollar bills because you make positive contributions to society.

Contributing value to society can be as simple as selling organic freshly squeezed orange juice in a park on a hot summer’s day.

On the other hand, contributing value to society can be as complex as building 10 yoga studios in a major city.

But regardless of the type of value you currently contribute to society, your “skeleton key” is in understanding that you can always contribute even more value to society, and receive even more financial compensation in return.

Greed is not the goal here.

Financial freedom enables you to take care of your family and friends, serve your community, and improve humanity as a whole.

This is why the Law of Compensation is so important for your overall health and well-being.

The Law Of Compensation Mystic Future Whole Foods Groceries
Being able to afford high-quality fruits and vegetables is one of the greatest perks of financial freedom

The Law of Compensation is a prerequisite to earning money. Earning money is a prerequisite to eating quality vegetables and fruits, living in a beautiful home, and exercising in a nice gym. Money enables you to live the life that you visualize and manifest.

Here’s a quick summary of how the Law of Compensation can transform your life in a very short period of time.

Step #1. You contribute value to society in your own unique way (e.g. you become a yoga instructor)

Step #2. You are compensated financially in return for your contribution to society (e.g. you receive dollar bills in exchange for teaching yoga classes)

Step #3. Because you’ve been financially compensated for your contribution to society, you feel incentivized to contribute even more value to society, which provides you with even more financial compensation (dollar bills) in return (e.g. you open your own highly-profitable yoga studio)

Step #4. By this point, you understand that you are in complete control of your financial situation, livelihood and destiny (e.g. you are financially free)

The Law of Compensation is one of the most “win-win” or mutually-beneficial aspects of how the universe functions.

It’s refreshing to know you can help other people and be compensated financially for your services. You can serve humanity and be paid incredibly well for your products, services, teachings and offerings.

In fact, this is the absolute best way to go about life.

Welcome to the Law of Compensation.

This is how I choose to live my life.

And I hope it’s how you choose to live yours too.

The Law of Compensation will make you wealthy

Knowingly or unknowingly, the wealthiest self-made entrepreneurs use the Law of Compensation to generate millions or even billions of dollars over a lifetime.

An entrepreneur is just a producer of value who understands the importance of selling that value to society.

Whether you know it or not, you are already halfway to becoming an entrepreneur,

The Law Of Compensation Mystic Future Halfway Entrepreneur

Here’s what I mean by this.

I guarantee you’ve given food to your neighbors, donated an old book to a friend, or gave away an old piece of clothing to a family member.

In each of these scenarios you contributed value to someone, and you were compensated with positive emotions in return.

Contributing value makes you feel very good emotionally. This is natural and healthy.

You already know how to produce value in exchange for one form of compensation. Emotional currency.

Emotional currency or energetic currency is a real form of compensation that is used every single day all around the world. Emotional or energetic currency is very powerful.

But I’m willing to bet you’ve been selling yourself short financially for all these years.

Because in order for you to enjoy true financial abundance and the perks that come along with financial abundance, you have to start selling value in exchange for dollar bills.

Let’s revisit each of these example scenarios once more using Mystic Future’s version of the Law of Compensation.

If you can give food to a neighbor, you can also bake a cake and sell your cake for $40.

If you can donate an old book to a friend, you can also write your own book and sell it for $27.

If you can give away a piece of clothing, you can also sell your own private clothing line.

I’m not telling you to stop giving items away for charitable causes.

I give money to homeless people frequently and love the positive emotional currency that comes with the act of giving.

But here’s the thing.

You can be a kind and giving person while also producing and selling value.

This ensures your long-term happiness and financial success in life.

How to use the Law of Compensation to prime your subconscious for true financial abundance

Acknowledging and studying the Law of Compensation is your first step to achieving true financial abundance.

Your next step is to start producing and selling something of value.

As discussed, you are already halfway to becoming an entrepreneur. You know how to produce value.

Making the conscious decision to sell value is the action you must partake in if financial abundance is in the tarot cards for you.

The Law Of Compensation Mystic Future Sell Value

For whatever reason, most Americans and Europeans are not being taught to sell value in accordance with the Law of Compensation.

You have to sell something – anything – before you can be compensated financially.

Selling a product, service, teaching or any other offering is the most straightforward path to true financial abundance.

You can accomplish all of this without a boss, too.

Even if you currently work a 9-5 job, there’s nothing stopping you from selling products or services in your free time.

Manifesting a new stream of financial compensation (dollar bills) will make you a healthier, happier and more empowered spirit on this planet.

How to sell value and compensate yourself financially (start paying yourself)

By this point, you should be aware that you have to produce and sell something of value in order to be compensated financially.

You can sell anything to start manifesting dollar bills on your own terms.

The Law Of Compensation Mystic Future Sell Anything

What you choose to sell will likely depend on your background, skills and life experiences.

Since you’re reading Mystic Future, I assume you’re in touch with your spiritual side.

So I’ll use spiritual entrepreneurship as an example of how you can easily start selling value in exchange for dollar bills.

Anyone can become a certified Reiki practitioner. After becoming a certified Reiki practitioner, you can sell private Reiki sessions. After one year of selling private Reiki sessions, you end up with so many clients that you have to open a Reiki studio downtown.

Here’s an even easier example that you can use to start selling value as soon as today.

Find an old item laying around your home that you no longer use, like an old iPhone. Take some nice photographs of your old iPhone. Then, post an advertisement on Craigslist with the goal of selling your old iPhone today. Meet with a potential buyer. Negotiate a good price. Accept the buyer’s dollar bills, and give the buyer your old iPhone.

Sale made. Dollar bills acquired. Value exchanged.

This is how easy it is to prime your subconscious for selling value and receiving financial compensation for the value that you sell.

Once you start selling value, you can officially call yourself a spiritual entrepreneur if you like.

Even more importantly, you can start using the Law of Compensation every single day to manifest incredible financial abundance in your life.

The Law of Compensation summary

Overall, I love the Law of Compensation, because I know how well this law has worked in my own life.

And I know how well the Law of Compensation is going to change your life too.

In summary, the Law of Compensation means that people who work intelligently and genuinely contribute value to society usually get what they deserve in life.

In modern society, this means you’ll be compensated with dollar bills, free time, early retirement, a clean conscience, healthy emotions and a whole lot more.

To be perfectly clear, the Law of Compensation is not just about money.

Dollar bills are just one form of compensation in modern day society.

The Law of Compensation works with or without money.

For example, if you do part-time charity work at a local homeless shelter for 1 year, you will experience incredibly positive results in multiple areas of your life that don’t involve finances.

You’ll develop a higher vibration. You’ll become a happier and more grateful human being. This will change your life in powerful ways. The type of person who volunteers at a homeless shelter for 1 year is more likely to show compassion for people, which will cause you to surround yourself with other compassionate people, join like-minded communities, and create positive change in the world.

On the flip side, if you choose to spend all of your free time producing and selling value, like opening your own Reiki practice and hiring 10 employees, you will obviously be compensated abundantly for this in terms of dollar bills. Because in this scenario, you consciously chose to embark on a path of producing and selling value.

Remember. If you want true financial abundance, you have to sell value in one form or another.

Whether you’re ready to become a full-fledged spiritual entrepreneur, or you’re happy with just selling fruits and vegetables at your local farmer’s market – choosing to sell something of value is what’s most important here.

The Law of Compensation is most visible when you choose to sell value like a spiritual entrepreneur every single day.

The Law Of Compensation Mystic Future Sell Value Spiritual Entrepreneur New

This way, you get to help other people, acquire dollar bills, and inject your high-vibration energy into many other people’s lives.

This is how you change the world for the best.


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