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Kosmic Kombucha Review – Drinking “Texas Blues” In Texas



Kosmic Kombucha Review Texas Blues Mystic Future Featured Image

Updated: November 22nd, 2019

Texas is booming with kombucha companies.

And to be perfectly honest, Texas is booming in general.

Because I’m currently based out of Dallas, Texas, I like to support local Texas-based businesses whenever possible.

Kosmic Kombucha is a Texas kombucha company that just so happens to make incredible kombucha.

Kosmic Kombucha Review Texas Blues Bottle Mystic Future

I always pick up a bottle of Kosmic whenever I swing by my local Whole Foods.

Welcome to my review of Kosmic Kombucha Texas Blues.

I can tell you right now…

This stuff is some of the best kombucha in the world.

Why you should drink raw, unpasteurized kombucha

People are waking up to the fact that consuming raw foods is one of the best things you can do for your health and overall spiritual wellness.

For example, I’ve recently started eating a diet of mostly fruits and vegetables.

In my experience, it’s 100% true that switching to a mostly raw food diet makes you crave high-vibrational foods.

Kombucha is a raw, unpasteurized, probiotic-rich beverage that makes you feel absolutely amazing.

It’s safe to say kombucha is the #1 high-vibrational beverage you can drink.

Most kombucha drinkers agree that kombucha is a little bit addictive because of how slightly euphoric the beverage makes you feel.

I’ll admit it. I’m a kombucha addict. I crave kombucha. Daily.

But here’s the most important reason why you’ll want to drink kombucha.

Kombucha is loaded with probiotics, so it drastically improves your gut health.

Your gut is connected to your brain through a biochemical signaling known as the gut-brain axis.

When you optimize your gut health, you also improve your mental clarity, mood and thought processes.

Therefore, kombucha plays a powerful role in genuinely improving your health and happiness.

Kosmic Kombucha Texas Blues review

I’ve spent enough time in Texas to try almost all of the local Texas-based kombuchas.

Out of respect for Kosmic Kombucha, I won’t name the many other Texas kombucha brands I’ve tried.

Because today’s review is all about Kosmic.

(The other Texas kombucha companies will have their time to shine.)

Kosmic Kombucha Review Texas Blues Bottle And Cup Mystic Future

But I will say Kosmic is one of the best.

Kosmic Kombucha Texas Blues tastes like a much lighter version of sangria. Without the alcohol of course. Well, kombucha technically contains a very small amount of alcohol as a result of the natural fermentation process. But it’s nothing significant.

Anyway, Texas Blues tastes like a light and refreshing version of sangria. That was my impression at least.

And I love sangria.

Kosmic Kombucha Review Texas Blues Bottle Ingredients Mystic Future

Official ingredients include:

  • Organic kombucha
  • Organic blueberries
  • Basil
  • Lime juice
  • Agave

As you can see, Texas Blues contains healthy, refreshing organic ingredients.

It tastes amazing.

What more could you want?

Where to find Kosmic Kombucha near you

Kosmic Kombucha has a store finder tool you can use to find Kosmic Kombucha near you, just in case you’re interested in buying a bottle for yourself (I bet you are).


I love kombucha of all kinds, so I will probably continue to drink kombucha from other Texas kombucha companies every once in a while.

But there’s something about Kosmic Kombucha Texas Blues that makes me pounce for a bottle whenever I see it inside Whole Foods.

It’s light. It’s crisp. It’s refreshing.

And it tastes like an alcohol-free version of sangria.

Did I mention I love sangria?



Kosmic Kombucha Flavors

Kosmic Kombucha Store Finder Tool

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