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How To Visualize & Manifest Your Dream Lifestyle (Based On Raw Experience)



How To Visualize And Manifest Your Dream Lifestyle Mystic Future

Last updated: November 22nd, 2019

When I launched my first media venture, I made an enormous mistake.

I visualized a goal that was too small.

And I easily hit that tiny goal.

My goal was to make $3,000/month with a media website. Which isn’t really enough money to sustain a worthwhile lifestyle in most American cities.

Luckily, I blew past my goal, grew my website around $4,000/month in net profit, and had plenty of client work on the side as well. So I was good financially.

But here’s the lifelong lesson I learned during the process of building my first media venture.

The human mind is an incredibly powerful asset, and there’s a 99% chance you’re barely using your greatest asset in life.

When you have a powerful vision for your life, and you align your actions and behaviors with that powerful vision, you can truly achieve anything you want.

And I wholeheartedly believe this. It’s actually more than just belief.

I know this based on raw personal experience.

Would you rather make $4,000/month or $40,000/month?

Would you rather have incredible relationships with high-quality people, or associate with people who have toxic energy?

Would you rather be free to travel the world, or remain stuck in your current position in life?

No matter what you want your life to look like, I have (without a hint of doubt) the formulaic solution to your problems.

Here it is.

  1. Design a magnificent vision for your life
  2. Recreate your vision in your mind’s eye
  3. Change your behaviors
  4. Persist with your new behaviors

Let’s break down every step of this process which enables you to visualize & genuinely manifest your dream lifestyle.

Step 1. Learn how to design a magnificent vision for your life

How To Visualize And Manifest Your Dream Lifestyle Night Energy Dallas
There’s nothing quite like living in the heart of a buzzing city

What do you want your life to look like?

It’s easy to get caught up with designing a reality that other people want for you.

This is called having a covert contract with a person or group of people (like family members).

So, learning how to design a magnificent vision that you truly want for your life could be the single most important decision of your life.

You have to create a magnificent vision for your life that you truly want.

Your parents won’t be around forever.

Your friends aren’t going to stick around to live your life for you.

You are the only person who can live your life.

And this is the reason why you must pay close attention to the fine details of the reality you want to create for yourself.

In my case, I wanted to travel the world, build wildly successful digital media brands, and serve my readers in a way that’s “win-win.”

I got exactly what I wanted.

And I’m still here doing my thing to this day.

Now it’s your turn.

What do you really want?

World travel? Money? Amazing health? Unbelievable relationships? A beautiful family?

I’m here today to tell you that all of this is 100% possible.

Your new reality begins with a powerful new vision that you personally design for your life.

Step 2. Recreate your vision in your mind’s eye

You have to wholeheartedly believe that your vision is achievable in order to actually achieve your vision.

So let’s get to the bottom of your perceived limiting beliefs.

Perception is always the key in life.

If you study human behavior long enough, you eventually realize human beings are incredibly resilient and adaptable creatures that are capable of accomplishing just about anything.

People just like yourself have built yoga studios, opened their own Reiki practices, helped create large-scale movements, and changed people’s lives for the best.

You are powerful. And you’re capable of so much more than you believe.

But you have to take your magnificent vision, and embed your vision in your mind’s eye.

Make your magnificent vision so real that you don’t know any other way of life.

Methods for recreating your vision in your mind’s eye

Here are some highly-effective methods for recreating your vision in your mind’s eye.

These are the same methods used by professional athletes, singers, celebrities, CEOs and various other high-performers who are required to execute a powerful vision on a daily basis.

You can rest assured these methods are proven to work.

Write down your vision in a journal twice per day

How To Visualize And Manifest Your Dream Lifestyle Journal Mystic Future
Mystic Future mind journal (should we release our own version, and make one better than Hugo Boss?)

Some people refer to the act of physical handwriting as “editing reality.”

Writing down my vision in a journal twice per day has worked incredibly well for me so far.

When you handwrite your vision in a journal twice per day, you’re embedding your vision in your mind’s eye.

There is a proven link between handwriting and brain development.

Neuroscientific research has exposed a distinct neural pathway that only activates when we physically write words by hand.

You need to take advantage of this “life hack” because it’s literally life-changing.

Have a powerful mantra

Having a powerful mantra is like having your own spiritual guide in life.

A mantra is a paragraph or two that guides you through life, and leads you towards your life’s vision.

Pick your mantra carefully and stick with it as long as it still serves you.

Of course, you can always change your mantra as time goes on.

Some people prefer to craft a new mantra each day based on what they need to accomplish on that particular day.

Master your conscious and unconscious mind

How To Visualize And Manifest Your Dream Life Master Your Unconscious Mind Mystic Future
Carefully control the type of content that enters your mind (especially when it comes to watching TV)

Your conscious mind is easy to control.

It’s very easy to manage your surface level thoughts and beliefs.

Your unconscious mind is what truly needs to be tamed and dominated.

Your unconscious mind is influenced by television, movies, culture, music, friends and family. In other words, your environment influences your unconscious.

The easiest way to dominate your unconscious mind is to dominate your environment.

Manage every input that enters your mind if you want to have full control over the reality that you create for your life.

Become aware

If you’ve ever read The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle, you might believe “presence” is the solution to most pains humans face.

But presence is just one part of the solution.

Awareness is the much bigger picture that you have to consider.

Becoming aware is even more important than being fully present.

You have to become 100% aware of your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors so that you can exercise greater control when it comes to manifesting the reality you want to achieve for your life.

Step 3. Change your behaviors

This is the key guys.

Step 3 is where 99% of people magically “disappear” when it comes time to actually manifest your dream life.

Tony Robbins preaches “massive action” because “massive action” works.

However, you have to take this one step further, and make sure that you’re taking massive action on the proper actions.

Executing the proper actions is more important than taking massive action.

Be deliberate about your actions.

Which behaviors are in total alignment with your vision?

Do you want to live by the ocean someday?

How To Visualize And Manifest Your Dream Lifestyle Live By Ocean Mystic Future

If you want to live by the ocean someday, you will need to take the specific actions that enable you to live by the ocean.

This might seem obvious.

But most people never really understand the importance of following up with the specific actions that are in alignment with your vision.

For example, you could learn how to invest in real estate this month.

Then next month, you could land your first real estate deal.

And the month after that, you could start investing in properties near the ocean.

After some years, you’ll own multiple properties near the ocean, and you’ll be able to live by the ocean anytime you like.

This is just one course of action you could take to live by the ocean of course.

But the point is that you have to change your behavioral patterns if you want to live your dream lifestyle.

Do something differently.

Do you want to be incredibly healthy and vibrant?

How To Visualize And Manifest Your Dream Lifestyle Live Healthy Mystic Future

Then you will need to exercise 4 to 5 times per week (swimming is my favorite type of exercise).

And eat a primarily vegetable-based diet with plenty of fruits (and maybe a bit of meat too, depending on what works best for you).

Being healthy is a lifestyle that depends on your specific behaviors.

Do you want to be a spiritual millionaire?

Then you have to get comfortable with building profitable businesses and delegating to freelancers or employees who you trust.

In this case, the specific actions of starting companies and delegating to trustworthy people are most important.

A lot of people are scared to engage with these behaviors, and this is why most people aren’t millionaires.

By overcoming your fears, and changing your behaviors, you can truly have anything you want in life.

Step 4. Persist with your new behaviors

Step 4 is the most challenging step for most people.

But in all honesty, this step isn’t difficult.

Because once you change your behaviors, and achieve positive results with your newfound behaviors, you will enter an upward spiral called “the winner effect.”

The winner effect is a real biological phenomenon that helps you enjoy sustained success in life.

You just have to start winning in life to continue winning.

It really is that simple.

Once you start winning, you will feel incentivized to maintain your new behaviors (because of the winner effect) and you will eventually arrive at your magnificent life vision.

Yes, you’ve unfortunately been lied to.

Change is not difficult.

You just need to create momentum and get a taste of winning so that you feel incentivized to persist with your new behavioral patterns.

Success will come extremely easily for you afterwards.

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