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Is Fresh Royal Jelly A Powerful Superfood? (Here’s The Raw Science & Our Experimental Review)



YS Fresh Royal Jelly Review Mystic Future Featured

Last updated: November 9th, 2020

It’s not just mystics who are saying fresh royal jelly is a potent superfood that can potentially help you think, feel and live better.

There’s a growing body of scientific research indicating royal jelly might help with stem cell therapy, brain health and fertility in humans.

Even the legendary Bruce Lee had a favorite concoction consisting of fresh royal jelly mixed with ginseng that he drank for a quick energy kick prior to training martial arts.

YS Fresh Royal Jelly Review Mystic Future Front Bottle

To be fair, there are very vocal doubters too. Some people (understandably) claim fresh royal jelly is intended solely for queen bees and not human mouths.

So this article is an exploratory piece that helps you decide for yourself whether you should consider supplementing with fresh royal jelly or not.

As an added bonus, I’ll also be reviewing YS Fresh Royal Jelly in this article.

Yes, in this article, I’m going to share with you the results I personally experienced after supplementing with YS Fresh Royal Jelly twice per day, every single day, for a period of 2 weeks.

Ready, set, go.

What exactly is fresh royal jelly?

Royal jelly is often considered to be the preeminent (outstanding) superfood complex in all of nature.

Royal jelly is believed to provide you with uplifting, rejuvenating energy.

The most common reason why people believe in the potential of royal jelly is because in a beehive, royal jelly is fed exclusively to the queen bee.

YS Fresh Royal Jelly Review Mystic Future Open Jelly

As a result of the queen bee’s exclusive diet of royal jelly, she lives an additional 4-5 years in comparison to the 3 or 4 month life cycle of the common worker bee.

Fresh royal jelly is scarce and difficult to gather, so this is what makes royal jelly a valuable and relatively expensive product to manufacture.

This article mostly references “fresh royal jelly” as opposed to just plain “royal jelly.”

YS Fresh Royal Jelly Review Mystic Future Fresh Royal Jelly Instructions

The difference being fresh royal jelly is kept “alive” in a refrigerated state, while normal royal jelly might be freeze-dried and encapsulated.

Again, this article is in reference to the high-quality, living, 100% fresh royal jelly that must be kept “alive” with refrigeration. Some of the studies mentioned in this article refer to “royal jelly” so this is why “royal jelly” is referenced occasionally in this article as well.

The focus of this article is on the real stuff.

We’re talking about fresh refrigerated royal jelly that is sourced carefully and well taken care of.

The case for supplementing with fresh royal jelly

This section of the article is all about the case for supplementing your brain and body with fresh royal jelly.

If you think you might benefit from fresh royal jelly, this section is for you.

There is some powerful scientific evidence in favor of fresh royal jelly

The most important reason why you might want to experiment with fresh royal jelly is because of the potentially enormous health benefits of doing so.

There is a growing body of research listed in Google Scholar and PubMed that explores the potential health benefits of fresh royal jelly according to cold hard science.

For example, one study referenced in Science Direct explains that royal jelly counteracted summer infertility in male rabbits during the hot summer months.

“It was concluded that royal jelly administration to heat stressed male rabbits can counteract their “summer infertility” and improve their physiological status.”

~ Science Direct

Another study referenced in the Japanese Journal of Pharmacology explains how royal jelly helped to heal skin lesions and improve anti-inflammatory activity in chronically diabetic rats.

“It was concluded that royal jelly administration to heat stressed male rabbits can counteract their “summer infertility” and improve their physiological status.”

~ The Japanese Journal of Pharmacology

But here’s the most interesting body of research regarding royal jelly.

As revealed in Nature Communications, royalactin, the active ingredient in royal jelly, has the potential to stimulate self-renewal in stem cells across species.

“This reveals an important innate program for stem cell self-renewal with broad implications in understanding the molecular regulation of stem cell fate across species.”

~ Nature Communications

If the royalactin found within royal jelly has the potential to improve stem cell therapy in humans, this is an incredibly important finding, that may lead to saving many human lives.

Of course, it would be unfair to say that eating royal jelly is automatically going to help your stem cells self-renew. There’s just no way to know if this is accurate at this point in time.

But there’s definitely something special going on here.

Raw science-based evidence paints an interesting portrait of the amazing potential behind royal jelly.

Bruce Lee was a loyal fan of fresh royal jelly combined with ginseng

According to Motley Health, the legendary Bruce Lee drank a small drink consisting of royal jelly and ginseng for a quick release of energy.

“Bruce Lee often drank a Royal jelly and ginseng drink to give him a quick boost. These drinks are very small, and provide a very quick release of energy.”

~ Motley Health

This is just a fun fact and doesn’t really mean much in the grand scheme of things.

But if the iconic Bruce Lee loved royal jelly, that might be a good enough reason for some people to love it too (joking).

Generally speaking, many people claim to experience positive health benefits from supplementing with fresh royal jelly (anecdotal)

To be clear, this is just anecdotal.

But many people claim to experience positive health benefits from supplementing with fresh royal jelly (including myself, which we’ll talk about in just a little while).

If you run a search on Reddit or Google, you’ll find tons of people raving about how supplementing with fresh royal jelly made them feel better and gave them an instant burst of energy.

The case against supplementing with fresh royal jelly

At Mystic Future, we like to be as fair as possible.

It’s important to address the potential downsides of nutritional supplements, because nutritional supplements are rarely perfect (like anything else in nature).

With the good comes the bad as well.

Here are the potential downsides to supplementing with fresh royal jelly.

There is some scientific evidence not in favor of fresh royal jelly (safety is a concern for a minority of people)

One study referenced in Wiley Online Library explains the “allergenic potential” of the major proteins found within royal jelly.

“The glycosylated MRJP8 and MRJP9 of HBV have IgE‐sensitizing potential in HBV‐allergic patients beyond CCD reactivity and have to be considered as allergens, which might be potentially important for a fraction of venom allergic patients.”

~ Wiley Online Library

There is a subset of the population who may be extremely sensitive to venom components, and could absolutely respond negatively to royal jelly for this reason.

Safety is most definitely the major concern regarding supplementing with fresh royal jelly.

If you aren’t sure if you should supplement with fresh royal jelly or not, it’s best to check with your doctor first, and talk with your doctor about any allergic reactions you’ve had in the past before experimenting with fresh royal jelly.

There are quite a few “doubters” of fresh royal jelly

Run a search on the internet, and you’ll find plenty of skeptics who doubt the potential health benefits of fresh royal jelly.

While I personally don’t agree with the skeptics, there are people who dismiss fresh royal jelly as nonsense, even when faced with the growing body of scientific research that favors fresh royal jelly.

At this point, it’s quite hard to deny the potentially powerful health benefits of supplementing with a quality source of fresh royal jelly.

To be fair, the skeptics may have tried a low-quality source of freeze-dried royal jelly, and didn’t experience any health benefits for this reason. This is totally understandable. But if the skeptics were willing to experiment with a high-quality source of fresh royal jelly, they might have an entirely new outlook on this dietary supplement.

Foods derived from bee colonies are becoming increasingly controversial

This is where the skeptics have a legitimate argument.

Foods derived from bee colonies are becoming increasingly controversial because the act of sourcing nutritional products from bee colonies could be considered “unnatural” or “harmful” to bee colonies.

Bees are an incredibly important aspect of our environment, and bees should absolutely be protected as much as possible.

“It has often been said that bees are responsible for one out of every three bites of food we eat. Most crops grown for their fruits (including vegetables such as squash, cucumber, tomato and eggplant), nuts, seeds, fiber (such as cotton), and hay (alfalfa grown to feed livestock), require pollination by insects.”

~ Michigan State University

According to Michigan State University, bees are responsible for 1 out of every 3 bites of feed that you and I eat.

Bees are a crucial aspect of helping you and I live a healthy and spiritually abundant life.

Mystic Future’s review of Y.S. Eco Bee Farms 100% Pure Fresh Royal Jelly

I can’t speak for everyone regarding whether fresh royal jelly will work for you or not.

But I can speak for myself.

This is why I chose to review YS Eco Bee Farms 100% Pure Fresh Royal Jelly as part of this experiment on Mystic Future.

YS Fresh Royal Jelly Review Mystic Future Front Of Box

I wanted to know for myself whether I felt any health benefits from supplementing with fresh royal jelly.

And here’s how I know fresh royal jelly works for me.

I eat a mostly plant-based diet. I spend most of the day fasting and working.

But over the last few weeks, just before exercising, I would take a mini 1/4 teaspoon (1.2g) dose of pure royal jelly. This is equal to 1200 milligrams of fresh royal jelly.

Keep in mind I’ve been taking fresh royal jelly on a completely empty stomach, in a semi-hungry state.

Each and every time I’ve taken fresh royal jelly, I’ve felt an instant burst of energy.

The health benefits of fresh royal jelly have been extremely apparent in my case.

Based on my personal experience, it’s obvious fresh royal jelly is a powerful dietary ingredient for at least some people. Maybe not for everyone. But some people, like myself, certainly benefit from supplementing with fresh royal jelly.

Fresh royal jelly makes me feel:

  • Energized
  • Awakened
  • Ready to exercise

In other words, fresh royal jelly makes me feel a little bit like Bruce Lee.

How fresh royal jelly compares to similar bee products like bee propolis and raw honey

Other than fresh royal jelly, the two other bee products you might consider supplementing with are:

  • Bee propolis
  • Raw honey

In my opinion, bee propolis is far more interesting than raw honey.

Similar to fresh royal jelly, bee propolis has plenty of scientific research you can easily find in Google Scholar.

For example, one placebo-controlled study referenced in SpringerLink explains how bee propolis can improve the quality of life of those who suffer from recurrent aphthous stomatitis (RAS), a painful ulcerative disorder of the oral cavity.

“Patients in the propolis group also self-reported a significant improvement in their quality of life (p = 0.03). This study has shown propolis to be effective in decreasing the number of recurrences and improve the quality of life in patients who suffer from RAS.”

~ SpringerLink

Raw honey shouldn’t be ignored either. The antioxidative and antibacterial benefits of raw honey are well documented. So we won’t be covering raw honey today.

I’ll just say stevia and raw honey are my preferred sweeteners whenever I’m craving sweets. Raw honey is absolutely one of the healthiest options you have available when it comes to sweetening your coffee, tea, oatmeal or anything else.

Overall, fresh royal jelly remains controversial, but the potential health benefits could be enormous

Since fresh royal jelly is still a bit of a controversial product, our recommendation is to do what feels right for you.

In my opinion, there’s too much positive scientific evidence pointing to the cognitive health benefits of fresh royal jelly to ignore this potentially powerful substance.

If fresh royal jelly didn’t have any scientific evidence to back up its potential health benefits, I’d be the first person to dismiss this stuff as voodoo magic.

But, because there’s an entire body of research surrounding fresh royal jelly on Google Scholar and PubMed, it’s clear this health supplement deserves a fighting chance at helping some people who might benefit greatly from it.

With animal or insect-derived products, there’s always going to be controversy. I’m well aware of this.

In this particular case, researchers from Stanford discovered that royalactin, the active compound in fresh royal jelly, has the potential to improve the therapeutic potential of stem cell therapy.

Stem cell therapy has the potential to save human lives.

Of course, it’s still far too early to tell if the royalactin found in fresh royal jelly is actually a life-altering compound for human beings.

But there’s more than enough positive scientific research surrounding bee products.

People have to stop dismissing fresh royal jelly as just another junk dietary supplement.

I’m incredibly cautious when it comes to exploring the differences between junk health products, and potentially awesome health products.

Mystic Future’s review of Udo’s Oil is a good example of this, where I mostly dismissed Udo’s Oil as a mediocre health supplement.

Here’s the bottom line on sourcing genuine fresh royal jelly

When sourced carefully, fresh royal jelly is one of those rare superfood supplements that aligns more with the “awesome” side of science rather than being just another junk dietary supplement.

YS Fresh Royal Jelly Review Mystic Future Quarter Teaspoon Of Royal Jelly

The key is in sourcing fresh royal jelly carefully. It can be incredibly difficult to find good stuff. I had to locate the small refrigerated section within the health supplement aisle of Whole Foods to source my YS Fresh Royal Jelly. It was next to all of the “living” probiotics, multivitamins and other dietary supplements.

Sourcing your fresh royal jelly from a refrigerator is going to be your best option. Because, this means your fresh royal jelly is staying fresh and alive. You always want to eat live foods, not dead foods. Fresh royal jelly is no exception to this rule.

Some people have even made it a point to chat with local bee farmers to see if they can source fresh royal jelly locally. Almost directly from the bee hive.

If you can get live, refrigerated fresh royal jelly that you know is legitimate, this is ideal. Talk to your local bee farmers about this.

Your next best option is to order fresh royal jelly from the internet that gets shipped to you in a freezing cold icepack. This is a pretty safe option because it means the company is paying extra special attention to keeping your fresh royal jelly alive for you.

YS Eco Bee Farms unfortunately does not ship direct to consumer for some odd reason. If you like YS Fresh Royal Jelly, please check your local Whole Foods. Whole Foods is a trustworthy source of fresh, refrigerated royal jelly.

Stakich is another great, high-quality and reputable brand that ships incredible quality fresh royal jelly directly to consumers.

We’ve published a complete review of Stakich’s 100% Fresh Royal Jelly right here on Mystic Future.

We’ve also published a full review of Imperial Elixir’s Fresh Royal Jelly for you to check out.

In any case, it’s recommended that you combine fresh royal jelly with raw honey for the best results. So this is why it’s common to see royal jelly come pre-mixed with raw honey.

But whenever possible, it’s probably best to just mix fresh royal jelly with raw honey yourself. This way, you don’t have to resort to pre-mixed (diluted) options.

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