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How Food-Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Oxygenates Your Brain & Body – Potentially Life-Changing…




Originally published on: November 13th, 2020
Last updated on: December 17th, 2020

In this article, I’m going to explain why I ingest very small quantities of food-grade hydrogen peroxide on a regular basis.

You will learn about the potentially life-changing health benefits of supplementing with hydrogen peroxide.

I’ll also give you a quick overview of the food-grade hydrogen peroxide I personally use, which is called Essential Oxygen HP.

Ingredient name:Food-Grade 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
Brand recommendation:Essential Oxygen
Core benefit:Oxygenation

Is it safe to consume a tiny amount of food-grade 3% Hydrogen Peroxide?

Essential Oxygen Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Review Mystic Future Front of Bottle

In college, one of my roommates tried to explain to me why he gargles with hydrogen peroxide, and swishes hydrogen peroxide around his teeth.

“It makes your teeth white,” he told me.

I was skeptical. But that was the first time I realized hydrogen peroxide is safe enough to swallow (in small quantities).

After further research, I learned that some people dilute hydrogen peroxide and pour it into their ears to break-up ear wax.

OK, now we’re onto something.

Are you starting to see the incredible potential of this compound that only costs a few dollars at the drug store?

After reading a book called The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases – I learned the truth about Hydrogen Peroxide that had apparently been hidden from the mainstream consciousness.

In The One-Minute Cure, Madison Cavanaugh explains that over 6,100 pieces of scientific literature and 15,000 European doctors have recommended her simple hydrogen peroxide protocol.

I strongly recommend grabbing a copy of her book in paperback format.

But in summary, The One-Minute Cure protocol is this:

Use anywhere from 5 to 10 drops of food-grade 3% hydrogen peroxide mixed in a large glass of distilled water.

If you drink one of these hydrogen peroxide beverages first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, you will equip your body with a much-needed boost of oxygen, and prevent and/or heal all sorts of illnesses.

Remember that the chemical structure of hydrogen peroxide is H202.

That’s two atoms of hydrogen, and two atoms of oxygen, per molecule of hydrogen peroxide.

This makes hydrogen peroxide very similar to water (H20) but with an extra atom of oxygen.

Here’s the most promising explanation as to why a consistent regimen of food-grade 3% hydrogen peroxide works…


A cancer cell is unable to survive in an oxygen-rich environment. This also applies to viruses and bacteria.

Humans need oxygen to survive.

And yet, the average American spends 90% of their time indoors – where stale oxygen is being recycled through an HVAC system.

How much time do you spend indoors?

With the inhumane lockdowns and social distancing measures in place around much of the planet, you need to ensure you’re getting as much oxygen and sunlight as possible.

Here’s an important note to consider in regards to the hydrogen peroxide protocol recommended in Madison Cavanaugh’s book:

Cavanaugh recommends using 35% hydrogen peroxide (food-grade) rather than 3% hydrogen peroxide (food-grade).

I’ve recommended using food-grade 3% hydrogen peroxide because it’s easy to find and readily available.

Food-grade 35% hydrogen peroxide is a very powerful compound that typically isn’t sold to the general public. You have to do a little bit of research if you decide to go this route.

Food-grade 35% hydrogen peroxide is available, and can be used with excellent results.

But you have to be much more cautious going this route. Make sure to do your research.

Here’s a quick tip. Read the reviews of The One-Minute Cure and filter for the keyword “35%.”

From there, you’ll find many accounts of people carefully using 35% hydrogen peroxide with life-changing results.

What about breathing food-grade 3% hydrogen peroxide?

In a separate article on Mystic Future, I explain the benefits of breathing food-grade 3% hydrogen peroxide using a cool mist humidifier.

Filling a cool mist humidifier with one capful of hydrogen peroxide per cup of distilled water is an excellent way to oxygenate your bedroom, office or entire home.

Alternatively, you can use a simple throat or nasal sprayer device to spray hydrogen peroxide directly into the back of your throat.

Using a throat or nasal sprayer is probably the easiest and most effective way to consume hydrogen peroxide if you’re dealing with a respiratory issue.

Just spray the food-grade hydrogen peroxide towards the back of your throat, and breathe deeply into your lungs.

If spraying directly into your lungs, make sure to use a 3% solution of food-grade hydrogen peroxide rather than the much more “hardcore” 35% solution.

A brief summary of using food-grade 3% hydrogen peroxide to oxygenate your system and drastically improve your health

In summary, using a very small amount of food-grade 3% hydrogen peroxide on a regular basis is one of the best hidden health tips that has largely been shunned by the mainstream.

As an intelligent reader of this website, you are capable of conducting your own due diligence, and verifying that food-grade hydrogen peroxide, when used safely, can be an extremely effective solution for many different health issues.

I will update this article when I’m able to get my hands on food-grade 35% hydrogen peroxide, as this is the recommended strength of hydrogen peroxide in The One-Minute Cure.

Unfortunately, it seems like there is an expensive “hazmat charge” added to any online order of 35% hydrogen peroxide.

This could be why 35% hydrogen peroxide is somewhat difficult to find.

The good news is you can still accomplish a lot with food-grade 3% hydrogen peroxide, especially when used multiple times per day, or inhaled with your favorite humidifier, nebulizer or simple nasal spraying device.

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