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BIC Metal Review – The Best Cheap Disposable Razors?



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Published on: November 24th, 2020

A disposable razor is something that most people probably wouldn’t consider deserving of its own article on the internet.

But the thing is, everyone knows how bad disposable razors can be.

It’s rare that you actually find a good disposable razor. Disposable razors are supposed to suck.

When I shaved with a BIC Metal for the first time, I knew these were different.

These disposable razors work incredibly well.

With a single blade.

Don’t believe me?

Try a BIC Metal for yourself.

Or keep reading this article to get the full story (with lots of pictures and even a video)…

Why BIC Metal’s are the best cheap disposable razors available

BIC Metal Razor Review Front of Package Mystic Future

Man or woman, it doesn’t matter.

Everyone knows what it feels like to shave with a disposable razor that barely works.

When I spotted the pack of BIC Metal razorblades in the grocery store, I knew they were different.

I had to try them.


BIC Metal Razor Review Single Razor Close-Up Alternative View

While most disposable razor blades being marketed today consist of 2, 3, 4 or even 5 blades, the BIC Metal consists of just one metal blade.

And it shaves better than every other disposable razor I’ve ever tried in my lifetime.

No joke.

BIC Metal Razor Review Single Razor Close-Up

The BIC Metal primarily consists of a metal blade and metal bar.

The metal blade shaves and exfoliates your skin closely, while the metal bar lifts your skin, and allows for a closer shave.

It’s a simple mechanism that works perfectly.

Why BIC Metal disposable razors are similar to double-edged safety razors

BIC Metal Razor Review With Double Edge Safety Razor Comparison Mystic Future
BIC Metal disposable razors on the left, real double-edged safety razor on the right

If you’re a guy, you might know what a double-edged safety razor is.

In case you aren’t aware, a double-edged safety razor is literally a single razor blade attached to a real “permanent” razor handle.

This is the same exact set-up as the BIC Metal.

The only difference is the BIC metal is disposable, while the double-edged safety razor is not.

This is why BIC Metal disposable razors are the only disposable razor that can be compared to the “real” razors that have historically been used for shaving.

BIC metal’s are very close to the real deal.

As an added bonus, BIC metal’s are extremely cheap and easy to use.

I still occasionally use my double-edged safety razor for special occasions.

But disposable razors are simply easier to use.

Disposable razors like the BIC metal are lightweight and therefore easier to hold, and easier to shave with.

BIC Metal disposable razor review (conclusion)

Overall, I will probably never buy a different type of disposable razor, as long as the BIC metal still exists and retails for an affordable price point.

BIC Metal Razors Review Back of Razor Package Mystic Future

I have no idea why these disposable razors aren’t more readily available.

I’ve never seen them at a Walmart or Target.

I’ve only seen them at Kroger, which is where I first discovered them.

These days, I normally pick up a few packs of BIC metals online, because they are often sold out at my local Kroger store.

BIC Metal Razor Review Single Razor Close-Up Top View

Overall, while most people probably find the topic of disposable razors lame, I’ve found the one exception.

BIC Metal might be the only exception in the disposable razor niche.

Most other disposable razor options are shockingly bad.

Meanwhile BIC Metals are surprisingly packed with consumer value.

Keep up the good work BIC.

As long as a pack of BIC Metal disposable razors retails for around the same price as a small pack of BIC lighters, I’ll be a customer for life…

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