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Amazing Royal Jelly Review – Genuine Fresh Royal Jelly

Last updated: November 22nd, 2019

Throughout my search for the world’s healthiest superfoods, I ultimately stumbled upon nature’s most powerful superfood (seriously) which helps me feel incredible every single day.

This particular superfood is known as fresh royal jelly.

Amazing Royal Jelly has a deep golden tint which indicates quality

But what’s funny is the vast majority of people across the Western world haven’t heard of fresh royal jelly, let alone experienced the benefits of taking fresh royal jelly firsthand.

I will do my best to change this today.

After experimenting with multiple different brands of fresh royal jelly, and publicly posting my results here on Mystic Future, I’ve stumbled across what I believe to be the best variety of fresh royal jelly available.

Amazing Royal Jelly.

Just as the name implies, this stuff is actually pretty amazing.

And no ~ you aren’t going to find any affiliate links in this article whatsoever.

I’m writing this review to help spread the word about a genuine, high-quality source of fresh royal jelly that has improved my life considerably.

This is my review of Amazing Royal Jelly’s 100% Fresh Royal Jelly.

What is Amazing Royal Jelly?

Amazing Royal Jelly is a company that focuses exclusively on fresh royal jelly.

That’s what I immediately liked the most about them.

As a massive fan of royal jelly myself, I figure that a company focusing exclusively on fresh royal jelly must be pretty awesome.

And I’ve been spot on about this judgment so far.

After experimenting with Amazing Royal Jelly’s 100% Fresh Royal Jelly over the last few weeks, I can now say with total certainty this stuff is the best fresh royal jelly I’ve tried.

You can immediately tell the quality of this particular fresh royal jelly is…different.

It’s stronger. More potent. More effective.

In previous articles on Mystic Future, I’ve written about my generally positive experiences using many other brands of fresh royal jelly.

But now, I am declaring Amazing Royal Jelly to be the cream of the crop in regards to royal jelly.

What makes Amazing Royal Jelly different from the many other fresh royal jelly products out there?

I consider myself to be a pretty well-informed consumer.

I’ve already publicly compared all of the existing major brands of royal jelly right here on Mystic Future.

I understand the differing price points, levels of product quality and customer service each of these companies offer.

This is why I can say Amazing Royal Jelly comes out on top in each of these categories.

Let’s break down each of these categories individually.

Amazing Royal Jelly’s Price Points

As of June 2019, you’ll find three different pricing tiers on the Amazing Royal Jelly website.

Here are the current listed prices (subject to change of course):

  • 1 bottle of fresh royal jelly sells for $27 (monthly membership)
  • 3 bottles of fresh royal jelly sell for $77 ($25.67/bottle)
  • 6 bottles of fresh royal jelly sell for $147 ($24.50/bottle)

While the monthly membership is possibly a tad bit overpriced by a buck or two ~ 3 bottles of fresh royal jelly for $77 is my favorite option. This comes out to just $25.67 per bottle of fresh royal jelly. You can’t really beat this price point.

I’ve paid far more money for fresh royal jelly at stores like Whole Foods and Natural Grocers on multiple occasions. And the product quality wasn’t quite as good as Amazing Royal Jelly, which brings us to our next category…

Amazing Royal Jelly’s Product Quality

Product quality is where Amazing Royal Jelly genuinely sets itself apart.

As mentioned above, the major reason why I’m publishing this article today is because of Amazing Royal Jelly’s supreme product quality.

I value high-quality natural superfoods that make a real difference in people’s lives.

And I can spot the difference between mediocre quality and premium quality.

Amazing Royal Jelly’s 100% Fresh Royal Jelly is of premium quality.

You can tell by the subtle tanginess of Amazing Royal Jelly.

It has a little bit of a “bite” which indicates potency.

Look, I never said that fresh royal jelly tastes good. It’s not really supposed to taste very good!

It’s supposed to make you feel incredibly energized, boost your reproductive health, and possibly even give you a general sense of well-being. At least for me, this is why I take fresh royal jelly every morning and afternoon.

Side note: If the slightly bitter taste of fresh royal jelly truly bothers you, simply blend your fresh royal jelly with a bit of raw honey. Problem solved. That’s all it takes!

Amazing Royal Jelly’s Customer Service

Luckily, I haven’t felt the need to contact Amazing Royal Jelly’s customer service team.

But they do have a pretty easily accessible customer support email address and phone number posted on their website.

One of the funny things about Amazing Royal Jelly is you can actually send them a text message if you need to contact them!

This is a really cool and kind of funny thing for a health food company to do.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this anywhere else before!

Where to find Amazing Royal Jelly

I bought my fresh royal jelly from ~ go ahead and check them out, and let me know how you like Amazing Royal Jelly in the comments section below.

Amazing Royal Jelly review conclusion…

Overall, I will continue to source my fresh royal jelly from Amazing Royal Jelly because I like to “vote with my dollars” and support health-conscious companies that genuinely want the best for human beings.

And after experimenting with 5 or 6 different sources of fresh royal jelly, I can say with complete certainty Amazing Royal Jelly is my royal jelly brand of choice going forward.

But I’ll let you be the judge for yourself.

I don’t want to make any decisions on your behalf.

This article is just my personal opinion.

I want you to make all of your fresh royal jelly decisions for yourself!

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