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Our 7 Best “Weird” Recommendations For Boosting Immunity & Fighting Flu Viruses (Zinc & Whiskey?)



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Originally published on: November 16th, 2020
Last updated on: December 17th, 2020

So you’ve probably already been bombarded with boring advice about what you should do to fight flu viruses and stay healthy this season.

We aren’t here to give you the same old cliche advice you’ve already heard before…

Today, we’re publishing this article to help you learn about 7 genuine, non-mainstream solutions that actually work for fighting viruses, supercharging your immune system, and feeling great.

Some of these recommendations might sound a bit strange at first glance.

But all medical literature and scientific research is listed in the “sources” section towards the very bottom of this article.

You can trust that these recommendations are legit.

Even the zinc and whiskey.

Keep reading to learn…

Weird Immunity-Boosting Ingredient:Core Benefit:Brand Recommendation:
High Dose Vitamin D3Psychological health & energyJarrow Formulas Vitamin D 5,000 IU or any vitamin D 10,000 IU formation
Vitamin C Crystals (Ascorbic Acid)ImmunityNow Foods Vitamin C Crystals
Liposomal Vitamin CImmunityLypo-Spheric Vitamin C
Zinc (highly-absorbent formation)Energy & immunityWhole Foods Zinc Lozenges
N-Acetyl-L-CysteineMood & lung functionWhole Foods NAC
General multivitaminGeneral well-beingAny
Single-malt whiskey (“Hot Toddy”)DecongestionAny

Recommendation #1. Take a relatively high dose of vitamin D3 daily

Fight Viruses and Flu Boost Immune System Stay Healthy Jarrow Vitamin D Supplement Mystic Future

This is probably the most basic recommendation on our list. But it’s VERY important.

Taking 5,000IUs of vitamin D3 every day could be single the most important protection you have against flu viruses.

This is because vitamin D plays an immunomodulatory role in your body.

This means vitamin D optimizes your immune system and helps it function properly.

Keep in mind that supplementing with vitamin D is especially important in the winter months, when people aren’t spending very much time outside, or absorbing natural sunlight.

While getting natural sunlight is always ideal, taking a high-dose of vitamin D is your next best bet.

I like Jarrow Formulas Vitamin D3 5,000IU.

Pro tip: Research shows that you probably benefit from taking as much as 10,000 IUs of vitamin D3 every day. We wrote an article article about it right here on Mystic Future.

Recommendation #2. Mega-dose ascorbic acid (traditional vitamin C) as needed

Fight Flu Viruses Vitamin C Crystals Ascorbic Acid Now Foods Mystic Future

I love ascorbic acid, which is just classic vitamin C.

I normally buy ascorbic acid powder in bulk.

NOW Foods makes a good bottle of vitamin C crystals which is the same thing as ascorbic acid powder. It’s the one I personally use.

Fight Viruses and Flu Boost Immune System Stay Healthy Emergen C Vitamin C Supplement Mystic Future
Emergen-C isn’t my favorite choice of ascorbic acid / vitamin C but it’s convenient and almost always available at drug stores

If you need vitamin C on the fly, Emergen-C is a decent option.

It’s honestly not my preferred choice. Because Emergen-C is usually a little bit overpriced.

But the good news is that Emergen-C is usually available at your local drug or grocery store.

This makes Emergen-C an acceptable option if you need vitamin C to quickly overcome a flu virus or illness.

Recommendation #3. Supplement with liposomal vitamin C as needed

Fight Viruses and Flu Boost Immune System Stay Healthy Lyposomal Vitamin C Supplement Mystic Future

I love vitamin C.

When I was doing my research on vitamin C, I came across something called liposomal vitamin C.

Liposomal vitamin C is essentially a gel form of vitamin C.

It’s like a gel pack.

The main perk of using liposomal vitamin C is that your body may absorb it better than a powdered form of vitamin C.

Personally, I notice a significant increase in energy when I supplement with liposomal vitamin C.

This is why I believe liposomal vitamin C does work well.

It gives me way more energy than I would get from a comparable dose of powdered vitamin C.

Fight Viruses and Flu Boost Immune System Stay Healthy Lyposomal Vitamin C Supplement Packets Mystic Future

With that being said, liposomal vitamin C is kind of expensive, and I’m not totally sure if it’s worth the significant increase in price over powdered vitamin C.

I personally keep some liposomal vitamin C on hand for the days when I need a big burst of energy.

For everyday maintenance doses, I stick with powdered vitamin C or ascorbic acid.

But these little gel packs of liposomal vitamin C are definitely valuable for emergency sick days.

I use Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C from LivOn Labs.

Recommendation #4. Use a form of zinc with good absorption

Fight Viruses and Flu Boost Immune System Stay Healthy Zinc Supplement Mystic Future

I normally keep zinc picolinate on hand because double-blind studies have shown that zinc picolinate absorbs extremely well in humans.

But I recently ran out of zinc picolinate and needed to pick up some zinc on the fly.

This time, I picked up a bottle of zinc citrate from Whole Foods and experienced great results as well.

You really can’t go wrong with either zinc picolinate or zinc citrate.

As a side note, I’ve also experimented with a cheap bottle of zinc gluconium 1x from Walmart (generic Zicam) and can vouch that it works well too.

Zinc is ultimately one of the cheapest and most effective nutrients you can take for helping your immune system kill bacteria and viruses.

Recommendation #5. Consider supplementing with N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC)

Fight Viruses and Flu Boost Immune System Stay Healthy Whole Foods N Acetyl Cysteine Supplement Mystic Future

N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine or NAC is one of the best antioxidants I’ve ever used because you can actually feel the benefits working throughout your body.

NAC is commonly used as an expectorant for respiratory conditions.

If you have a lung infection or if you’re dealing with breathing issues, there’s a possibility that NAC could help to clear your airways.

NAC can be especially valuable if you have mucus or phlegm.

Additionally, NAC is also commonly used to repair the damage caused by oxidative stress.

2020 has been the most stressful year of the century for millions of Americans.

And stress is well-known to be the most deadly killer there is.

If you feel like you’ve been under immense stress, you might supplement with NAC to heal the damage that’s been caused.

Recommendation #6. Use a general multivitamin of your choice

Fight Viruses and Flu Boost Immune System Stay Healthy Lyposomal Airborne Generic Equate Immunity Supplement Mystic Future

This is self-explanatory, right?

Use a general multi-vitamin to cover any nutritional deficiencies in your diet.

It’s simple enough.

If you need a few extra details, consider that much of the world’s soil quality is in poor shape.

Mass-produced foods don’t always contain enough vitamins and nutrients to help your body operate at maximum capacity.

This is where a multi-vitamin comes into play.

It’s always best to get your vitamins and nutrients from food.

But this isn’t always possible, unfortunately.

I like Airborne or the generic equivalent from Equate (as pictured).

I also like the generic multivitamins from Whole Foods.

The generic multivitamins from Whole Foods are probably the best value option available.

Recommendation #7. Make a hot toddy using single-malt whiskey (and enjoy)

Fight Viruses and Flu Boost Immune System Stay Healthy Single Malt Whiskey Hot Toddy Glenmorangie Mystic Future

Did you know that whiskey has been used for its medicinal benefits for over 1000 years?

I’m not talking about the blended Kentucky Deluxe “whiskey” we used to crush in college.

But a good quality, single-malt whiskey will provide you with legitimate health benefits.

For example, a little bit of quality whiskey is known to dilate or widen blood vessels.

This can help with congestion and opening up your airways for better breathing.

All you have to do is make a hot toddy, which consists of:

  • 3/4 cup hot water
  • 1 to 2 shots of single-malt whiskey (non-blended whiskey)
  • 3 teaspoons raw organic honey
  • 1 lemon, squeezed
  • 1 cinnamon stick or dash of Ceylon cinnamon (to taste)

For the best results, you should use your hot toddy as a natural nebulizer while you drink it.

You can gently breathe the hot water & whiskey vapors into your lungs while sipping your hot toddy.

I bet you’re getting ready to make a hot toddy right away…

I know I’m ready for one.

Remember the golden rule of maintaining good health

Here’s what accounts for 90% of maintaining good health:

  • Eating nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables
  • Exercising consistently
  • Getting enough REM sleep

As long as you’re eating well, exercising well, and sleeping well…you’re probably going to feel great.

If you’re taking shortcuts in any of these areas, you’ll probably have to pay the price at one point or another.

With this being said, here’s a little secret for you…

If you’re eating nutrient-rich foods and exercising regularly, you can get away with skimping on sleep.

The average American eats a significant amount of red meat, which causes your digestive system to exert lots of energy on digestion.

Digestion is a very energy-intensive process.

Many Americans are constantly digesting food, every few hours or so, and this isn’t ideal for healing your body.

If you’re feeling sluggish, experiment with a plant-based diet for a few days, and see how you feel afterwards.

While you’re at it, drink a tall glass of water with a little bit of Borax added to it, and you’ll be well on your way to full-body detoxification.

You’ll be feeling a whole lot better very soon.


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